1958 Milan-San Remo
The break on the Ligurian Coast Costalunga
Above left - The break has descended the Turchino and is now on the Ligurian Coast. Their lead was 3' 40" over the peloton at Ceriale. They have however lost one of their companions, the man who instigated the escape, Catalano. The remaining six do not seem to be feeling the effect of the effort put in so far, but they anxiously ask the motorcyclist what the chasers are doing.

Above right - The Italian rider Bruno Costalunga attacks alone from the peloton in an attempt to get across to the break. His attempt fails, but it does show what sort of effort will be required to catch the leaders. He eventually finishes over 12 minutes behind. On the Capo Mele Privat and Planckaert attack and lead the race. Planckaert however also surrenders and on the Capo Berta René Privat is out in front alone. Jacques Goddet, organiser and director of the Tour de France, was watching the race. He was described as being 'crazy with joy' at the sight of Privat leading.

With Cainero, Planckaert and Proost no longer leading, the Carpano team are now in a position to chase. The photograph below left shows the black and white jerseys of Désiré Keteleer and Agostino Coletto leading the pursuit of Privat (below right).

Carpano chase Privat alone
A group of seven, the three Italians Guido Carlesi, Giuseppe Fallarini and Nino Defilipis along with Alfred Debruyne, Rik Van Looy, Seamus Elliott and Miguel Poblet, detach themselves from the peloton during the pursuit of Privat. It looked for a moment that the finish would be between these seven and Privat. They would however only gain a lead of a few hundred metres and would soon rejoin the main group.

The brave effort by René Privat would come to an end on the Capo Verde, only 3-4 kilometres from the finish. The peloton, consisting of sixty-nine riders, thundered onto the Via Roma where Rik Van Looy used his fantastic sprint to take the victory.

Rik Van Looy wins the 1958 Sanremo
Finish Van Looy celebrates


Photographs © La Gazzetta delloSport

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