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Snow causing dangerous conditions on Turchino
Alessandro Federico, our Italian correspondent, was on the Turchino Pass on Sunday afternoon (7 March) to check out the famous Turchino climb. He reports that there is still a lot of snow around. However the roads have been cleared, with the snow being pushed to the sides. The temperature at the top on the Piemonte side before the tunnel was 3°c. The conditions on the Ligurian side (on the sea) following the tunnel are better but the first two kilometers are not in good condition. The downhill in these conditions will be very dangerous!
Alessandro says "I don’t think that there will be any problem for the day of Milano–Sanremo, but the riders must look to the sky and hope that the weather during the next ten days in Italy will change."

These conditions appear to be improving as it was raining in Genova on Wednesday (10th) morning.

Alessandro concludes "If it rains also on the Turchino it is possible that the snow will decrease, but the problem is also the condition of the road after such a winter and with the trucks cleaning the snow, the salt..."

Photographs © Alessandro Federico

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